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About Us

every day can be a braai day

Growing up with a traditional Sunday family braai turned into social Saturday/Wednesday braai's with friends as young adults. Braai is the favorable social activity one can get, personally I prefer to braai than to sit in a a restaurant. 

I've been braai'ing for the past 20+ years and thought it would be great to share my braai experience with others.

In late 2021 Chow Romano was born around a fire, a friend's family recipe and with passion for good food. We explored with a few shops with Chow Romano on the shelves and the public reaction were phenomenal. Soon after we realized we have something big here and decided to go full on!

9 Months later the second product came a long, Chow Mayo. After very satisfied clientel, the public requested a decent Jalapeno Mayo. With little knowledge but great passion, Chow Mamba was developed.

So does every product have a story and currently we have 11 products in our sauces and spice range.

We love working together with other brands and suppliers and bring something different and unique to the braaier with your accessories.

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